How Is Esports Transforming Gaming?

Esports is perhaps one of the most significant avenues for revenue in the gaming industry. Contrary to popular belief, Esports has been around for the longest time. The very Esports tournament was conducted at Stanford University in the year 1972. Since then, this facet of the industry has progressed significantly. However, it doesn’t mean it’s […]


The Basics of Technical Writing

Technical writing is perhaps one of the most necessary forms of communication in our society today. We all use at least one product containing technical writing on a daily basis, whether it be the clock/radio on our nightstand or the software installed on our computers. Whenever we read instructions or manuals about how to use […]

Storing Bitcoin Inside Of A Wallet
Crypto Currency

Best Bitcoin Wallets Out Today

The proliferation of bitcoin ATMs and exchanges that supply them means that more everyday citizens have been obtaining bitcoin for themselves. The curbside pickup of favorite grocery store goods for your own convenience is becoming a common precedent. Sure, there are many mainstream applications of this tech, but there’s a flywheel going in that could […]

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Top 5 Situation When You Need Background Remover

Product photography is an effective and essential tool for promoting your products. In the days of the digital era, people trust photo products more than the product description when shopping online. The fact is people tend to remember more of what they see than what they read. This proves that product photography is powerful to […]

NFT art
Crypto Currency

How NFT Art Impacting The Tech Space

NFTs, without question, have revolutionized the world of art. However, what does it mean for the world as it revolves around the sun? The art, science, and climate activist community have all raised questions regarding the environmental impact of NFTs. It is true that anything that is nascent will have its share of criticism and […]

Programmatic Monetization

What is Programmatic Monetization? Everything You Need to Know

Web ads have evolved from simple text and image banners to interactive modules, video advertisements, and even high-quality downloadable content. Programmatic monetization is the latest development in modern web advertising. It is a form of online advertising in which publishers sell their ad inventory through automated, real-time bidding exchanges. Publishers who use programmatic monetization services […]

Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

When you want to search about a topic, Google comes to your mind first. And if you want to know how to do things, Youtube is everybody’s foremost preference. No wonder YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and, we all know who the first is. Just like Google, Youtube is also […]

Wave Live Wallpapers Wavesomeness

Personalize Your Smartphone’s Aesthetic with Wave Live Wallpapers

Having a hard time finding the best wallpaper app for your android device? No fuss, look no further than Wave Live Wallpapers, the most reputed app you can download for Live Wallpapers, 3D Wallpapers, and even a  Live Wallpaper Maker. What makes us trust this cool backgrounds app more than others is that it has […]

Where to Find the Best Hybrid Integration and Data Solutions
Tips and Tricks

Where to Find the Best Hybrid Integration and Data Solutions?

Hybrid integration and data solutions are getting steam among businesses and companies all over the world. This is because such solutions go a long way toward improving the productivity, capabilities, and resilience of a business or a company. This is why more and more businesses and organizations are adopting hybrid integration tech solutions to stay […]

E-commerce Consulting - Main Advantages and Challenges
E Commerce

E-commerce Consulting – Main Advantages and Challenges

Ecommerce consulting and BTW Consulting services are still little used by online businesses. Many entrepreneurs choose to do everything themselves, using a trial and error strategy. But is this the best way? More than 30% of virtual stores close before completing 2 years. This high mortality rate is already an indication that the strategy to […]