Find My Everything

How ‘Find My Everything’ can Help You Find Stolen or Lost Items

The time has come when we were stolen or lost our things. Today, anything can be traced and localized, regardless of its location on the globe – and all thanks to new technologies. With that in mind, we are introducing ‘Find My Everything’, a device to track different items and see how it can help prevent different things from being lost. Check it out below.

Find My Everything

Digital camera

If you have a cooler camera, you can add this tracking device to this semi-professional device – and that’s what will save your day if someone steals or finds your camera.


You go to the beach with your bike, pedal quietly for a few minutes and decide to take a dip in the sea, and there begins the search for somewhere to hold it. When you find the place, you chain your bike and go there to cool off. On returning, however, comes the surprise: where’s the bike?

If you are using this gadget, you will certainly be less worried. The little gadget may be disguised as a rear flashlight.

Once activated, the battery has a battery life can give you plenty of time to track the coordinates of your bike via GPS.

Keys, wallet and other items

Considering the idea that you are not in the mood to spend a lot of money putting GPSs into every little accessory you carry but still need something to locate your keys, wallet, bank token, or even your glasses lost by the house, there is an exclusive solution that can save your day (and your time): Find My Everything.

There is no limit to its usefulness: you can use it on your keychain, for example, on your pet’s leash, or even stuck on your TV’s remote control.

This little gadget can be attached to other items such as Notebook, mobile, tablet, car, pet, backpack etc.