Are you on the lookout for the best base apparel that is both waterproof and breathable? Look no further than DragynSkyn – the one-of-a-kind three-layered base apparel that’s designed with modern day needs in mind to offer optimum performance. It’s ideal for military personnel, law enforcement and fitness enthusiasts. Made of ultra-breathable, windproof and waterproof fabric, the DragnySkyn extreme base apparel provides your body with utmost protection when you sweat. It’s a complete package for those wanting to perform high intensity workouts without getting sweaty.

The team behind DragynSkyn is currently running a crowdfuning campaign for their DragynSkyn project on Kickstarter, and it’s scheduled to be available to public in August 2019. You can show your support for them by backing their base apparel idea on Kickstarter.

DragynSkyn – The 3 Layered, Ultra-Breathable Base Apparel for High Intensity Work & Exercising

It is made of a high quality fabric that employs a proprietary three-layered fabric blend to keep you dry when performing high intensity activities. What sets apart from its competitors is that it limits bacteria growth and eliminates odor. Its waterproof property goes a long way toward keeping your body dry during cold and rainy season.

Here’s what the team behind DragynSkyn says about their extreme base apparel:

‘’DragynSkyn’s unique fabric design works like Gore-Tex but in a thin fabric worn as a compression shirt. It blocks harmful sweat, only allowing water vapor through greatly diminishing, even eliminating the odor and bacteria growth issue on anything you wear over a base layer shirt. Right now, we are at the stage of moving into mass production for DragynSkyn after the campaign is successfully completed.’’

If you or your friend is looking for a top of the line base apparel, be sure to give DragynSkyn a shot!

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