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Understanding Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm

In 2017, Facebook has updated its Newsfeed algorithm to prioritize authentic and genuine content, and not promote sensational, misleading or spammy posts. The new update has also affected the organic reach of Facebook pages and it has become difficult for page owners to get more followers, which is why they often Buy Real Facebook Likes. […]

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3 Best Practices to Maximize your Facebook Reach

Every other Facebook marketer is looking for ways to promote their brand and increase their number of followers. Hence, many page owners Buy Real Facebook Likes to improve their organic reach. There are other ways to increase the reach as well, of which some are discussed here. Optimize Your Audience One effective way to improve […]

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Progressive Web Apps – The New Word In User Engagement

Speaking about modern technologies we often use the word revolution – something completely new and innovative. Something, thought wasn’t possible previously. But in case of progressive web apps, the word evolution is much more applicable. PWAs bring the traditional web to a completely new level engaging users through a first-class experience and leaving the native […]

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Get Free Temporary Email Addresses With EmailOnDeck

Looking for free temporary email addresses? EmailOnDeck is the leading source for getting free temporary emails. Everything is very easy and users can get free temp emails in no time. Anyone even with little tech know how can easily create temp emails, thanks to its easy-to-understand web interface. During the daily online browsing sessions, we […]

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Online Saving Tips from Shopaholics

Do you think all shopaholics are rich? Think again, they are not necessarily rich, but smart. They know how to work their way around the market whether its online or not. These people know how to save money and every best shop in the area. Following are a few tips to save with online shopping […]

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Things to Consider When Shopping Online

Online shopping has become a part of our life and we’re seeing that it’s getting quite popular even in the developing countries. Since everything has both negative and positive aspects, online shopping does also have both negative and positive sides. You may get trapped by online scammers who’re available in heaps and you may even […]

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Online Design Maker, Freedom to Design

Breakaway from complicated and hard to understand, online free design tool helps you create whatever you want.  The online design maker tools deviates from the traditional way of design and editing. These tools are lightweight and fast, and don’t take half of your storage, plus you don’t need a brief manual to learn how to […]

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Tips & Techniques to Learn Touch Typing

In this high-tech world, everyone needs to adjust themselves to better accommodate present day’s needs. Touch typing is one of those things everyone should learn to interact with the online world in a professional way. Bearing this in mind, we are up with some easy tips and techniques that will surely help you learn touch […]