Tencent Games Releases Details About Its CROS at GDC 2019

Recognized as the world’s leading game publisher and developer, the Tencent Games has officially introduced its CROS at Game Developers Conference 2019 in San Francisco. The company is very committed to adding a lot of innovation to game industry so that people get real, fully immersive gaming experience. The team at Tencent Games has put […]


25Cab.com – The Single Source for All Your Ridesharing Needs

25Cab.com is an all-new, peer-to-peer ridesharing platform designed for both passengers and drivers. It utilizes the latest technology to provide you with an all-inclusive ridesharing experience. The platform benefits everyone involved. Passengers can choose their favorite driver based on their requirements. They can rate or even blacklist drivers in case of any misconduct. So, the […]

Activities and Games for You to Do on the Beach During the Summer

Glowski Game – The Hottest New Fun Outdoors Sport to hit this Summer!

If you think staying on the beach is boring, your problems are over. After all, the ride is not just about sipping beer or roasting in the sun. If you want to do something different this summer, we have separated some tasty and simple activities to be done to take advantage of this summer season. […]


Easy Tips For Improving Your Foundation On Solitaire Spider Freecell Card Game

Almost 90% of solitaire spider freecell card games are winnable. You just need to find the key to make room in the tableau. The space will let you get cards of the same suite while you untangle the whole layout. Try fathoming the following guide if you want to do so! Don’t always focus on […]


Best Game for Children for Android and iOS

This rundown contains the best applications for children. Here I have collected some of the most taking about apps that makes the other apps less demanding for guardians to discover the applications they require. Here are some of the best apps that help your children to learn while plying on your iPhone or Android device. […]


Puzzle Games That Are Good For Mind Exercise

If you are in love with gaming activities that are designed just for you here are some of the great games to follow. They were developed as part of a brain-boosting lifestyle program called the Brainpower Game Plan by Cynthia Green, PhD, an assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at Mount Sinai School […]