OBIEE – A useful platform for Business Intelligence in your Organizations

OBIEE is a great tool for bringing Business Intelligence (BI) into your organization. These BI tools and applications aid experts and managers to collect information from different sources analyze and share it with others. With time business dynamics are changing and competition is increasing. This requires businesses to gain high value from their BI investments. […]

Applications Reviews

Rocket VPN Review

One can not lie about not having used proxy in their lifetime to date. It’s just a white lie because everyone uses proxy to surf through websites we’d rather not have anyone know about it. We browse anonymously and nobody has an inkling of what we’ve been up to. Rocket VPN is a app that […]


How to use AIS with your SmartPhone

AIS on your Android or iPhone AIS is intended, primarily, to allow ships to view marine traffic in their area and to be seen by that traffic. This requires a dedicated VHF AIS transceiver that allows local traffic to be viewed on an AIS enabled chartplotter. This is usually very expensive since a high end […]



Social Networking, Communicate, Connect, Socialize Welcome to the future of Social Networking! Take a moment and imagine all the top Social Networks and visualize how they look, and function. Now imagine all the top Search Engines and how they connect us to products and product to us. Combine the Social Networks & Search engines and […]


3 Super Awesome Android Apps for Your Leisure

Confused with lots of apps available online and having trouble deciding what you should download to kill your pass time? No worries, we are up with blog post covering 3 amazing android games to turn your boredom into a thrilling entertainment. Let’s find out what grabs your interest the most: Clash of Kings If you […]


Best Apps to Check your Phone Performance

If you have a smartphone is having android OS its very importance to measure your android’s performance and compare it with similar other devices. In order to check your phone’s general ability there are some apps that can be used. It is not possible for every benchmarking app to be the same. Top five benchmarking […]


Best Android Applications for Selfie Lovers

With the introduction and increasing craze for selfies, android users have become more conscious about selfie app in their smart phones. Here are 5 top rated android camera apps given below: Youcam Perfect This selfie cam is among the best android camera app for fantastic salfies. One of the most prominently attractive option of this […]