Applications – A Completely Decentralize App Allowing You to Post and View Messages

Having problem finding the right decentralized app that provides you with an opportunity to view and post messages? Look no further than, a decentralized app requiring you to be connected to ropsten test network or Ethereum mainnet to post and view massages. All you need to use this decentralized app is MetaMask plugin, which […]


When Encryption Applies To The Characters: Security In Form And Content

With the same features of a fully-functional keyboard app, Cipherboard brings a completely new approach to end-to-end encryption, without sending anything to the server and making sure that only the chosen recipient of the message will be able to decrypt it. Up to date, most of the apps that we use share what we type, […]


Client Billing is now Easy Thanks to the Aplka Punch App

As a freelancer do you find it difficult and time consuming to track the hours you are spending on tasks for your clients? Would you like to have a better understanding of how efficiently you are working? Then you have come to the right place. Keeping track of my billable hours was a real problem […]


Cookie Jam Review: Is it a Candy Crush Rip-off?

Just when you thought the candy crush nightmare was over, there comes a new one. We don’t hate the puzzle games, it’s just everyone gets addicted to them. You can have a conversation without these games. Whatever the case is, people are enjoying it, and in the end, that’s all that matters. Carrying on, the […]


Video Player: HD & All Format – Watch Your Favorite Video Content with Ease

As its name suggests, the app combines everything necessary to turn your boredom into a real entertainment. This video player app supports all sorts of video formats, allowing you to access any video file without any problem. What makes its best is its automatic sort-out feature that keeps your video files in a well-ordered form. […]


Weather: Radar & Forecast, the Ultimate App to Get Accurate Weather Information

The Weather: Radar & Forecast is an android app designed to help you stay ahead of the weather, no matter where you’re. The app combines a plethora of cool and interesting features that may grab your interest. Hourly/Daily Forecast is one of those features making it one of the best free forecast apps available in […]