Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE - The Ultimate Free App to Design Your Phone Screen

Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE – The Ultimate Free App to Design Your Phone Screen

If you have tried different smartphone wallpaper apps and are still looking for the one that can allow you to design your own live wallpaper, this blog post is going to be of help to you. Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE is ranked among the most reputed and trusted apps. Since it’s […]

AI Photo Editor

AI Photo Editor – The Best Photo Editing You Can Go With

Are you searching for a trusted photo editing app that can bring you the latest photo editing features and functions? Look no further than AI Photo Editor, the most reputed photo editing app that is getting ground among mobile phone users all over the world. It’s a free app, meaning it won’t cost you a […]

Live The Times

Live The Times – The Best App Development Company for Wear OS Watch Faces

Live The Times is a popular app development company that is widely recognized for developing and designing Wear OS apps and watch faces. They have a wide range of elegant Wear OS watch faces to match your personality. If you are tired of your smartwatch and want to make it look more attractive, be sure […]


EYEONPOLICE – APP to End Police Brutality, Anti-Black Racism

EYEONPOLICE—HELPING TO IDENTIFY GOOD AND BAD POLICE Despite the police reforms that have been instituted over the years to bring to an end police brutality, we don’t seem to be making much progress. This issue continues to linger in our communities, and it’s costing us lives. The death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many […]

texting app

Xter Texter App (Texting App) Does Not Allow Incoming Texts

It is so tempting to reply to texts while driving right? but it is never safe. It is said that texting while driving can cause more accidents everyday as compared to drunk driving. You never know when you can get into an accident while driving because you lose your attention towards the road and the […]



DаDJ Aрр іѕ an event Bluерrіnt арр thаt gives you аn insight оf on the DJ thаt wіll bе рlауіng before аttеndіng аn event. It іnсludеѕ thеіr remixes аnd the number of people that fоllоw the DJ DаDJ App brіngѕ thе орроrtunіtу for DJs to сlоѕеlу interact wіth thеіr fоllоwеrѕ. DaDJ Aрр gіvеѕ you social […]


Use PhoneSpyware App to Track Someone’s Mobile Phone Undetectably

You’ve tried many phone tracking apps and nothing has worked for you? If so, look no further than Phone Spyware, one of the best phone spying software that is especially designed for parents, couples and employers who want to monitor and improve their workers’ performance. Gone are the days when only government agencies could carry […]

FoneTracker – The Best Phone Tracking App that Actually Works

FoneTracker – The Best Phone Tracking App that Actually Works

If you’re not happy with the phone tracking app you downloaded last week, be sure to give FoneTracker a go. We’re pretty sure you won’t regret downloading it into your phone. It will cost you noting to give it a try. It’s available for both Android and iOS users. It comes with all the topnotch […]

Autocap App


Have you always been the one who has been volunteering to take the family photo and sacrifice being left out from the group picture? Then your time for being missed out from your family picture or group photo is over. To relieve you from the pain, app development expert Kevin Zarbailov is about to launch […]

simply nap featured graphic desiign 1 (1)

Sleep Faster and Wake Up Early with Simply Nap, a Free Android App

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Have tried many expensive products and treatments? No fuss, now you can sleep early and wake up on time using an absolutely free app called ‘’Simply Nap: Sleep Sounds and Simple Alarm Clock’’. Designed by a team of highly talented tech developers, the app does a great job […]