Types of Available Cell Phone Chargers

Mobiles and other devices such as Tablets, iPads and laptops have a chargeable battery. The battery makes the device run without the battery, they can only be used at one place or they are completely useless. There’re more than a few kinds of standard chargers for them are used in different conditions. There, we will […]


Flux $1000 Smartwatch Giveaway

Today is an exciting day for the smartwatch world! Let’s be honest, smartwatch development over the past few years has been slow and perhaps moving in the wrong direction. That’s all about to change thanks to Flux, a new emerging smartwatch company. Flux has created a unique e-ink luxury smartwatch soon to appear on Kickstarter. […]


Latest iOS Accessories for Apple Enthusiasts

Our quest for the best doesn’t seem to be stopping, instead it’ll get higher with passing time. Here, we’re up with a post covering latest iOS accessories and more new ways to use your iDevices. Let’s find out what appeals you the most. Audeze Being advertised as ‘’ world’s first on-ear planar magnetic headphone’’, Sine […]