UX and UI for Mobile

UX and UI for Mobile – Quick Tips to Rock

It is a fact that most accesses to websites and systems today come from mobile users – cell phones. Unlike the desktop, with large resolutions and lots of pixels of space, small screens are a limitation; the touch screen, as a new form of input and control, makes new UX and UI recommendations emerge for […]

DJI Action 2 Camers

Small Cameras Are Lifesavers For Hectic Traveling Paths

Digital cameras are small and light, and compact cameras are the most extensively used and straightforward cameras ever seen in photography. The term “point and shoot” refers to these cameras being used for everyday tasks. However, the market is full of many small-sized cameras that can easily adjust in your pocket. DJI Action 2 Cameras are […]

Saeid Jamali

Saeid Jamali, a Passionate Entrepreneur, Thinks Out of the Box to Help People Live a Healthy Life

Saeid Jamali is an entrepreneur who has devoted his life to changing the healthcare industry with intellithing, a cutting-edge project that was developed when he was attending Manchester Metropolitan University. This unique project has been in development for four years. It consists of seven people on staff, including Saeid himself as a founder. Aside from […]


Must Have Smart Products for Your Dining Room

If you have invested enough time researching the benefits of a smart home and have finally decided to switch to one from your conventional home then you are at the right place. It is indeed a tedious task to look for the right smart products for your home. It requires a lot of energy and […]