New Service to Validate International Phone Numbers 1

New Service to Validate International Phone Numbers

A new free API ( is available to validate international phone numbers. This API was designed to improve on Google’s libphonenumber, a popular service for phone validation. Libphonenumber requires both a phone number and the country code. It was originally built to solve a common problem in the travel industry : booking confirmations via SMS […]


Rainbow Cube Jump – The Best Free Android Game for Your Leisure

Are you searching for a new android game that’s challenging and free as well? Look no further than Rainbow Cube Jump, a free android game designed with modern day gaming needs in mind. It has everything to bring you real, exciting entertainment. All you need is to tap on the jump buttons (small jump and […]

Facebook Account
Tips and Tricks

The Advantages of Hacking a Facebook Account

When facebook account is hacked on a cell phone, it is done for various reasons. One of them, and I think is the main one, for safety. Some fall into the temptation to control the activities of other people on social media and finally to keep track of the use of their mobile devices, if […]

Choose WhatsApp Spying App
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Guide to Choose WhatsApp Spying App

The Whatsapp monitoring mobile app, also recognized as mobile spy app, is also used to monitor or record all activities that occur on a user’s mobile device. Activity records can be checked through an online interface in control panel. Whatsapp spying app enables parents to monitor their children’s smartphones, and employers may want to use […]

Use of Symfony High Availability

Use of Symfony High Availability

When you want to know about the most popular PHP framework, then Symfony high Availablity is something serious to consider. There is a lot of possibilities with this technology which can help you out in your business virtually. You can look into the following such as: Different directions of project management Users applications Media production […]

Pentax K-1

Top 2 SLRs So Far

Original technologies spawned from never-ending innovation and evolution merged with experience and expertise, these are some of the best cameras you can buy to enhance your photography and take a bit of a lead in what you do. When it comes to cameras it isn’t just the moment you captured, the quality, textures and many […]

Tips for Finding Venture Funding

Tips for Finding Venture Funding

Are you having a hard time attracting venture capital investors? Don’t know how to raise capital for your new business venture? No worries, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re new in the market and don’t know much about the venture funding, it’s highly recommended that you consider hiring a venture capital consultant to […]


Is it Legal to Use Mobile Spy App on Mobile?

Depending on what use you intend to give this incredible mobile app, you might have a desire to know if the use of a tool like Spyzee falls within the legal framework of your country. And it is a very logical doubt, since privacy is a right that should not be violated to any human […]


Some Ways to Locate a Mobile Phone

By GPS: This usually works on Android phones and computers that is activated by the factory and is used in these cases. By Phonetracking, a cell phone spy app: This app gives you this excellent option. This is the most common used for parental control. With it, you can know where your children are and […]

PowerEdge R240 Rack Server

PowerEdge R240 Rack Server – An Ideal Choice for Small Businesses

The PowerEdge R240 Rack server is a cutting-edge choice for small businesses. It offers increased performance and allows you to make changes based on your requirements. It’s considered the best option to simplify your IT with a mid-range 1U rack server especially designed for web hosting and multipurpose applications. It’s a complete package that anyone […]