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Night Eye Extension – Dark Mode on Any Website Review

Night mode is gaining ground among websites and apps, as it allows users to view their favorite online content with no eye strain, fatigue and headaches. It has been observed that people prefer websites and apps that have night mode interface. But unfortunately the vast majority of websites don’t support Night Mode. This is where […]


Tencent Games Releases Details About Its CROS at GDC 2019

Recognized as the world’s leading game publisher and developer, the Tencent Games has officially introduced its CROS at Game Developers Conference 2019 in San Francisco. The company is very committed to adding a lot of innovation to game industry so that people get real, fully immersive gaming experience. The team at Tencent Games has put […]

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AimSteady – The Ultimate Wearable Marksmanship Coach for Gun Enthusiasts

Are you searching for a reliable device that can help improve your shooting accuracy? Look no further than AimSteady – the ultimate wearable that monitors, enhances, and challenges your handgun shooting skills. It employs innovative technology to bring you utmost accuracy for handgun shooting. It’s easy to wear and use, as you don’t need to […]


Working with a Good Transport Management Software

As Transport Management Software continues to grow in popularity, many companies are already using it to grow the quality of their supply chain. Of course, as expected for most modern solutions, a number of transport companies already trust in Transport Management Software as an easy solution to most on the road and off-the-road problems they […]


Healing with Sound and Color, How Does it Work?

Human organism can be considered, structurally, as a set of resonant mechanical parts or elements. The condition of resonance or maximum vibration is given by each organ or part of the body according to its specific shape, size and constitution, i.e. according to its morphology and histology. It is an easily verifiable physical phenomenon that, […]


Monitor the Location of Your Child and Receive Alerts on Mobile

Violence, robberies, drugs, bad friendships, kidnappings among other evils that our society lives today are some of the reasons why a father wants to know where his son is. As children become teenagers and come and go on their own, parents’ concerns about their children’s safety increase. To give parents some peace of mind, some […]