Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology? Everything You Need to Know!

Having a hard time understanding what is Assistive Technology? No sweat, we’ve got you covered. We’ll let you know about Assistive Technology in detail. Assistive technology is any software program, piece of equipment, item or product system that is designed to maintain, improve or increase the functional capabilities of disabled persons. The main objective of […]


Flux $1000 Smartwatch Giveaway

Today is an exciting day for the smartwatch world! Let’s be honest, smartwatch development over the past few years has been slow and perhaps moving in the wrong direction. That’s all about to change thanks to Flux, a new emerging smartwatch company. Flux has created a unique e-ink luxury smartwatch soon to appear on Kickstarter. […]


Make Your Travel Safer and Easier with MarkRyden Anti Theft Backpacks

It goes without saying that nearly everyone wants to stay safe while travelling. We use different types of travel accessories to make our travelling safer. Due to a big competition, one can be bewildered by different travel accessory manufacturers claiming to provide you with top of the line travel products at affordable rates. But unfortunately […]

Donorbox - The Ultimate WordPress Donation Plugin for Nonprofits

Donorbox – The Ultimate WordPress Donation Plugin for Nonprofits

Having a hard time finding the right WordPress donation plugin? Donorbox is one of the best WP donation plugins, providing you with lots of cutting-edge features and functions. This plugin is perfect for nonprofits, churches, universities and political fundraising. If you want to raise donations online for your cause, look no further than Donorbox. This […]

5 Communicating Tips to Improve Company Culture

5 Communicating Tips to Improve Company Culture

Effective communication, be it at home or at work, is often assumed to be a skill that we all have. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Effective communication takes effort and patience and it is a skill that is especially crucial in a working environment that involves countless interactions per day. But how […]

Top WordPress Plugins for Your Blog or Website

Top WordPress Plugins for Your Blog or Website

WordPress makes designing a website or running your own blog with thousands of custom themes. You can extend the functionality of your site simply by adding plugins. We list following plugins to use on your site. If you care to see them in action, follow them. Akismet If you allow users to post comments you […]