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Get Free Temporary Email Addresses With EmailOnDeck

Looking for free temporary email addresses? EmailOnDeck is the leading source for getting free temporary emails. Everything is very easy and users can get free temp emails in no time. Anyone even with little tech know how can easily create temp emails, thanks to its easy-to-understand web interface. During the daily online browsing sessions, we […]


When Encryption Applies To The Characters: Security In Form And Content

With the same features of a fully-functional keyboard app, Cipherboard brings a completely new approach to end-to-end encryption, without sending anything to the server and making sure that only the chosen recipient of the message will be able to decrypt it. Up to date, most of the apps that we use share what we type, […]


Client Billing is now Easy Thanks to the Aplka Punch App

As a freelancer do you find it difficult and time consuming to track the hours you are spending on tasks for your clients? Would you like to have a better understanding of how efficiently you are working? Then you have come to the right place. Keeping track of my billable hours was a real problem […]